Department of Pharmacy Practice
Sl.No Name Designation Department Teaching Exp
1 Dr. Adepu Ramesh Principal, H.O.D of Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy Practice 27
2 J. Mahender Associate Professor Pharmacy Practice 7
3 Dr. A. Sai Pawan Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice 1
4 Yeshaswini Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice 2
5 D. Mounika Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice 2
6 Manasa Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice 2
Department of Pharmaceutics
Sl.No Name Designation Department Teaching Exp
1Mr. Y. Kiran KumarProfessor, H.O.D of PharmaceuticsPharmaceutics11
2P V Shekhar BabuAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutics10
3Rama Koti RaddyAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutics9.5
4Ch. SridharAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutics9
5V. GeethanjaliAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutics 4
6T. RakeshAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutics 4
7G. SrikanthAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutics 4
8N. ShanthiAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutics 3
9T. SwathiAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutics 2
10G. SamathaAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutics 2
11Sk. SahereaAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutics Fresher
Department of Industrial Pharmacy
Sl.No Name Designation Department Teaching Exp
1Dr. A. JaypalProfessor , H.O.D of industsrial PharmacyIndustrial Pharmacy8
2Vikram GupthaAssociate ProfessorIndustrial Pharmacy10
Department of Pharmacology
Sl.No Name Designation Department Teaching Exp
1Sarvan KumarAssociate ProfessorPharmacology6
2G. SathishAssociate ProfessorPharmacology6
3T. SravanthiAssistant ProfessorPharmacology3
4Shiva ShanmukhiAssistant ProfessorPharmacology3
5KeerthanaAssistant ProfessorPharmacology5
6E. RaviAssistant ProfessorPharmacology3
Department of Pharmacognosy
Sl.No Name Designation Department Teaching Exp
1G. NeelammaAssociate ProfessorPharmacognosy6
2S. L.Tejaswai DogiparthiAssociate ProfessorPharmacognosy6
Department of Pharma Chemistry and Pharma Analysis
Sl.No Name Designation Department Teaching Exp
1Dr. P. Venkateswar RaoProfessor , H.O.D of Pharmaceutical ChemistryPharmachemistry and Analysis10
2Dr. Kranthi KumarProfessor , H.O.D of Pharmaceutical AnalysisPharmaceutical Analysis6
3P. VenkateswarluAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical Analysis9
4G Swaroopa RaniAssociate ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis8
5 K. Vijay KumarAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical Analysis8
6D. NagarajuAssociate ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis8
7B. Praveen KumarAssociate ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis6
8Seshu BabuAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical Chemistry6
9A. Sridhar ReddyAssistant ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis3
10V. RashmiAssistant ProfessorPharmachemistry3
11V. NareshAssistant ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis2
12B. DurgaprasadAssistant ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis2
13G. PriyankaAssistant ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis1
14P. SandhyaAssistant ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis1
15T. SwethaAssistant ProfessorPharmachemistry and Analysis1
16Baireddy PrathyushaAssistant ProfessorPharmachemistry and AnalysisFresher
Sl.No Name Designation Department Teaching Exp
1D Vinay KumarLecturerMathematics10
2T. Srinivas RaoLecturerMicrobiology14
2N Laxmi Kantha RaoLecturerEnglish10
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